At Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts, our primary artistic focus is on the multifaceted medium of printmaking. Through our ongoing residency program Crow’s Shadow works with emerging and established artists of diverse media and artistic backgrounds. Invited artists collaborate with a Tamarind Master Printer with the goal of creating one or more lithographic editions. As our press studio is equipped to employ a wide range of other printmaking techniques, many artists also elect to work in monotype, monoprint, woodcut, linocut and more.

Crow’s Shadow solely publishes original works. Each hand-pulled print is documented with a unique “Crow’s Shadow Press” identification number and embossed with the Crow’s Shadow logo. Full technical documentation is provided with the sale of each print. Proceeds benefit both Crow’s Shadow and the artist.

Those interested in purchasing prints from our inventory are encouraged to contact us and/or visit our studio.