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We’ve recently uploaded images for works by artist Corwin Clairmont (Salish Kootenai), who completed a two-week printmaking residency in February.

During his time in the studio Clairmont collaborated with Master Printer Frank Janzen to produce two series of monoprints and one lithographic edition, all based on images of the polar bear.

Clairmont drew inspiration from a November 2011 educational trip to Churchill, Manitoba—a town located on the shores of the Hudson Bay in Canada. During the trip Clairmont and others observed more than 50 polar bears. The unusually large mainland population was a result of the late-forming polar ice.

“One of the concerns, especially these past few years, has been the impact of global warming on the polar bear,” Clairmont said. “It shortens the feeding cycle of the polar bear, because they depend on the ice to go out and hunt the seal.”

You can learn more about the artist’s experience in our video interview, embedded below.

To purchase prints, or to inquire for more information, please call us at (541) 276-3954.

Proceeds from the sale of prints benefit both Crow’s Shadow and the artist.

Clairmont’s residency was funded in part through a grant from the Administration for Native Americans.

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