Artist-in-Residence: Ralph Pugay

Ralphy Pugay joined us at Crow's Shadow on August 2nd and started his second week of printmaking in the studio with Judith Baumann and Maggie Middleton. He has made many drawings and is working through finding which colors and images he wants to develop into finished prints. There are a couple of exciting blend rolls and color combinations currently being tested.


His narrative drawings feature figures often outlined in black and holding contorted poses that are at once comedic and grotesque. His playful painting style is candy-colored and points to the absurdist within the mundane. We are looking forward to seeing what comes out of the studio in the second week of his residency.


Pugay has an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice, and a BA in Studio Art, both from Portland State University. He graduated from the summer residency intensive at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Madison, ME). He currently teaches Art at Portland State University, where he gained tenure in 2020.