Today we want to stand in solidarity to highlight the urgent need for racial justice. We pledge to continue to work towards a more equitable world by amplifying artists of color. We are committed to listening, learning, and creating space for anti-racist work.


Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts supports the Black Lives Matter movement. The organization acknowledges the centuries of racial injustice perpetrated on communities of color. We believe in the power of art as both an agent of change and a pathway to healing. We will continue to work with Native, Indigenous, Black, and all People of Color through all of our programs. Crow’s Shadow is a space for inclusion and equity, where creativity and community can engender new ideas, break stereotypes, and build relationships.


While the reality can sometimes fall short of the ideal, we strive to do better, to recognize fallibility, and hopefully to correct those mistakes moving forward.


– Crow’s Shadow Staff & Board