• Artists-in-Residence


    With funds from foundations and state and federal government, Crow’s Shadow hosts three to six Artists-in-Residence each year. Invited emerging and established artists spend two weeks in the studio developing new limited-edition prints, which are hand-pulled and editioned by Crow’s Shadow’s Tamarind-trained Master Printer, Judith Baumann. Invited artists are often not printmakers—they specialize in other media.  But the Master Printer’s technical expertise allows them to explore and to realize a printmaking project, working with lithography, linocut, woodcut, monoprint, or monotype.


    One impression of each final print enters the Crow’s Shadow permanent collection, housed both in our studio and at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, OR. Works from the growing collection of published prints by Crow’s Shadow have been exhibited in galleries and cultural institutions around the region and nationally.


    The Artists-in-Residence program is by invitation only. Nominated artists are selected by a committee of art professionals based on the quality of their work and their potential to reflect the mission of Crow’s Shadow.  Preference is given to indigenous artists and artists of color.


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  • Traditional Arts Workshops

    Traditional Arts Workshops

    Recognizing art as an intrinsic and essential element of Native American culture, we are committed to helping people, of all ages and experiences, develop their artistic skills. Through a variety of professional and educational services, we support artists in developing a strong voice while also providing a conduit to the larger art world. Traditional art workshops have been a vital piece of Crow’s Shadow’s identity since its founding. Under the leadership of our Traditional Arts Manager, CSIA hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year. 


    Past classes have covered such art forms as wicker basket weaving, cornhusk weaving, star pillow quilting, ribbon skirts, beadwork and horse regalia. Classes are taught by CTUIR members and other regional artists who want to share their knowledge of traditional techniques. Workshops are generally offered over a two-day period and supplies are included with registration fees.

  • Youth Programs

    Youth Programs

    Since its founding, Crow’s Shadow has been committed to working with youth. Our partnerships have included partnerships with students from Nixya’awii Community School as well as workshops with students from Pendleton area schools. Works from Nixya’awii student artists have been exhibited in the gallery at CSIA as well as at the Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, WA. Students also participate in many of the indigenous arts workshops. (Over the past several years, the pandemic has made regular youth workshops challenging to schedule. As things return to a new “normal,” our partnerships will also resume.)

  • Print Studio

    Print Studio

    The studio specializes in lithography with capacity for both metal plate and stone lithography production. We have four presses: two Takach presses, a Takach-Garfield, and a Griffin.


    A peaceful and inspiring place to create art, the studio is housed within the historic Saint Andrews mission schoolhouse, itself situated at the base of the Blue Mountain foothills on the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR). 


    Several print workshops are scheduled each year, sometimes directly through Crow’s Shadow, and in the Spring through PNCA’s Community Education courses. Please sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our Facebook page if you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops and events.