Blair Saxon-Hill


Blair Saxon-Hill’s residency at Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts took place in June 2013 and was funded by a Ford Family Foundation grant. Saxon-Hill lives and works in Portland, Oregon and is represented by Fourteen30 Contemporary.


Saxon-Hill’s biography tells us:


“We are presently experiencing a new level of importance granted to the documentation of art in an age of online art-viewership. As the co-owner of an art bookstore, Blair Saxon-Hill is deeply engaged with the document and object photography. Her work revels in material and looks at “the image of art” and “the art image” by making impossible documents; amplifying the ambiguous lines of medium, object, and the apparatuses of display.


Her work uses the modernist “neutral” photographic space found within the image plates as sculptural material in the collages. Through these investigations of photography’s relationship to sculpture Saxon-Hill works haptically confound medium.”